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Facilities Management

In Telluride, each HOA represents real estate assets worth millions, and in some cases, tens of millions.  To care for your valuable assets, Full Circle offers a comprehensive range of professional facilities management services from basic maintenance to overseeing contractors. 


  • Regular inspections
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Maintenance and repair projects
  • Make recommendations to the board


  • Locate emergency shutoffs
  • Maintain complete set of HOA keys
  • Maintenance staff on call 24/7

OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS  Every HOA needs some one to represent its best interests when dealing with third-party contractors.  From annual landscaping contracts to installation of a new roof or road repairs, we provide professional owner representation.

  • Determine HOA funding for work
  • Make recommendations regarding cost evaluations, feasibility, equipment, methods, materials, systems, time requirements and possible alternatives
  • Document work specifications
  • Obtain approval of samples
  • Prepare bid documents and obtain bids from contractors
  • Make recommendations about bids received
  • Prepare and negotiate contracts
  • Coordinate additional services, such as surveying, engineering, or testing
  • Review and approve change orders
  • Obtain insurance certificates
  • Expedite building permits
  • Schedule the work; track progress
  • Communicate with the contractor about staging, phasing, and materials storage
  • Order materials, supplies or equipment not provided by the contractor
  • Inspect the work
  • Endeavor to guard against deficiencies and defects
  • Track and review costs and cash flow
  • Make final inspections
  • Prepare punchlists
  • Review contractor invoices
  • Document warranties